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#062 - Smoke Break

Top: *CY* Monique . Blackberry . Top // (Sponsor) 
{Avail @ Cake Day}
Shorts: *CY* Monique . DatTree . Shorts // (Sponsor) 
{Avail @ Cake Day}
Hair: DOUX - Sasha hairstyle 

Slippers: *CY* FeFe Fur Black Slippers // (Sponsor) 
{Avail @ Main Store}

Munchies: MAJESTY X COLD - Stoner Edibles Pack [stoney patch] deco//MAJESTY X COLD - Stoner Edibles Pack [Red Velvet Brownie] deco
{Avail @ Kustom 9}

Vending Machine: MAJESTY x COLD - Stay High Vending Machine [lime] deco only
{Avail @ Kustom 9}

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