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#104 - Pink Passion

Dress: Vague. Yamina Dress (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Anybody Event}

Necklace: ROSSI. Mosch$no Necklace (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Coming Soon @ Cake Day}

Fur: [Glitzz] Fur Stole L2 

Hair: $$$P.L.//Temple Wave Wig *NEW*
{Avail @ Main Store // MP}

Earrings: Nov-Jodeci Hoop Earrings 

Armband: ROSSI. Forever Diamonds Arm Cuffs 

Bracelet: Kibitz - Rona's bracelet 

Bag: 13. VENUS // Perfume Purse / Pink V1 

Lip Piercing: Unorthodox- Cobra Piercings

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