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#136 - H.E.R.

Jacket: Mug - Jessie Jacket 

Top: .: vive nine :. Strappy Tank Top - White *NEW* 
{Located @ Main Store for 60L Weekend}

Pants: .: vive nine :. Raven Stacked Sweats - Grey *NEW* 
{Located @ Main Store for 60L Weekend}

Glasses: -MONCADA PARIS- Giselle Eyewear 

Satchel: VOLT- VIOR Chest Bag (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Marketplace}

Necklace: ROSSI. Double C Necklace (Sponsor)

Earrings: ROSSI. Double CC's Diamond Earrings (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Cake Day}

Headwrap: FunkyStench - The Stack

Drink: hive // cold brew coffee to go *NEW*
{Located @ Main Store}

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