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#196 - Pink Whitney

Dress: ROSSI. Bernice Cut-Out Dress  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Kinky Event}
Rigged for Hourglass, Legacy, Freya, Kupra
Disclaimer (With Certain Poses/Walk Legs will show).

Shoes: YORKE- Chloe Heels  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ The Grand Event}

Choker & Bracelet: Nov-Nova Stack Diamond Choker & Bracelet (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Kinky Event}

Earrings: YORKE- Infinite Earrings  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ The Grand Event}

Nails: Rosary. Pastels . HUD  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Anthem}

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_HUGS ~  {Located @ Uber}

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