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#315 - Eyes on Me!

Crop shirt: LF / Veronica Crop Shirt (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ DreamDay Event}

Tube top: LF / Veronica Tube Top (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ DreamDay Event}

Shorts:  LF / Veronica Denim Shorts (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ DreamDay Event}

Choker: ROSSI. I'm Your's Daddy Choker (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Whore Couture Fair}

Nails: NAILPLUG:: New Flame Set (Sponsor) *NEW
{Located @ 2Much Event}

Hair: Funkystench - LO Twist Out (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ DreamDay Event}

Sneakers: FLite.- Air 5s - SUP' PACK *NEW*
{Located @ The Mens Dept}

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