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#331 - Showgirl

Bra: Nov-Trina Diamond Bra (Sponsor)
{Located @ Main Store}

Bottom: Nov-Heartbreaka Diamond Gem Thong  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Coming Soon to Cake Day 10/13}

Armbands: Nov-Trina Diamond Arm addon (Sponsor)
{Located @ Main Store}

Choker: Nov-Vita Baroque Choker (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Coming Soon to The Grand Event 10/26}

Earrings: Nov-Mari Gem Earrings  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Coming Soon to Tres Chic}

Nails: NAILPLUG:: Wet Chrome Set  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Dream Day}

Headpiece: YORKE- Ledisi Headpiece  (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Level Event}

Hair: DOUX - Selena hairstyle 

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