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#383 - Fulton Street

Hair: PunkList//: Alonza Wig

Neck Tattoo: Hoodlem - Morals x Reg (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Main Store}

Nails: #UNIVERSA - Spicy Gyal Bento Set (Sponsor)
{Located @ Main Store}

Necklace: E&O " Lotis Adore" complete set  Platinum

Pants: Havoc . Nola Leggings (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Cake Day}

Top: Havoc . Nola Top (Sponsor) *NEW*
{Located @ Cake Day}

Shades: .:Avanti:. Linnie Shades

Cup: hive x taikou // boba tea .

Snacks: hive x taikou // snack bag . 

Shoes: Phedora ~ Riley V2 Heels

Nose Ring: ROSSI. Diamond Heart Nose Ring

Jacket: SEUL - Pyri Puff - Caramel 

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