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#513 - It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Outfit: Cynful Sunny's Fluffy Set (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Equal 10}

Nose Rings: ROSSI. NOSE SET (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Cake Day}

Boots: _CandyDoll_ Rissa Boots *NEW* {Located @ Santa Inc.}

Hair: DOUX - Winter hairstyle *NEW*

{Located @ Equal 10}

Hat: _CandyDoll_ Kristina Beanie *NEW*

{Located @ Equal 10}

Presents: MAJESTY - Holiday Hostess Gift Basket & Boxes (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Access}

Drinks: [lilp] Enjoy it all :) *NEW*

{Located @ Equal 10}

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