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#594 - Keep It Cute

Top: [MERCH] Tash Cut-Out Tee (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Dream Day}

Pants: [MERCH] Trash Baggy Denim (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Dream Day}

Belt: [MERCH] Tash Smile Belt (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Dream Day}

Shoes: [MERCH] Kristian Denim Booties (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Main Store}

Purse: .: Ryvolter :. La Foulard Basket Bag (Sponsor) *NEW*

{Located @ Cake Day}

Cup: [Canape] Iced Coffee Cancer

{Available @ Rosary Sim}

Puppy: [BB] Cocker Spaniel Puppy Set

{Located @ Kustom 9}

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